Amsterdam has a wide variety of hotels of different categories and price ranges. Since everyone has different priorities we have divided the hotel market into different categories; Family, Business, Couples, Budget and Luxury. We then did some thorough research to find out what different types of travelers value when it comes to their hotel accommodations. Our editorial team has come up with a selection of the best places for each category.

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Location and offerings

In Amsterdam there are plenty of hotels in all categories. Most business travelers choose to stay in the center or the south side of the city near the conference center, exhibition center and airport.

Families usually prefer proximity to the city's attractions, museums and the beautiful Vondelpark so they generally chose a hotel with a central location.

Couples also tend to appreciate a central location, but some find their way to the outskirts of the southern city, close to beautiful green areas or the arenas; Amsterdam ArenA and Ziggo Dome.

There is a wide selection of budget hotels and most have relatively good, central locations. They have basic standards and you can often choose between dormitory or private and private or shared bathrooms.

Most of the popular luxury hotels are located in the inner parts of the city center with attractive locations, close proximity to shopping, attractions and entertainment options. Moreover, they often have an exquisite location overlooking Amsterdam’s famous canals.

When looking for a hotel it is always wise to first decide what you want to do during your stay, and then select the area and price range based on your needs and plans. Many hotels in Amsterdam have no lift and the city is known for its steep stairs - keep that in mind when booking. A tourist tax with a maximum of 5% of the hotel rate and is payable directly to the hotel.

Attractions and sights

There is much to discover in Amsterdam. In addition to the city's unique canals, winding streets and bridges there are many important historic attractions such as the Royal Castle, The Old Church and Anne Frank House.

There are several famous squares and museums such as the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Heineken Museum and National Maritime Museum.

Families usually in particular appreciate Madame Tussauds, the Artis Zoo and the Tropical Museum. A canal cruise is almost a must during a visit to this waterfront town.

Many tourists also like to visit the city's red light district, which surprisingly is a rather quaint and beautiful neighborhood. In this area there are also many coffee shops, where it is legal to smoke cannabis. Note that in the Red Light District there is a total ban on photography.

Restaurants, shopping and nightlife

Amsterdam has an impressive selection of fine restaurants; several of the finer luxury hotels have award-winning gourmet cuisine with innovative menus. There are many cafes, but these are not to be confused with "coffee-shops", in which visitors can smoke cannabis.

A long history as a port city has given the city a very liberal climate. In Amsterdam, prostitution is legal and this type of service can be found in the Red Light District. There are also many exciting bars and nightlife.

The city has many beautiful canals and around the quays you can find plenty of pubs. Around the Leidseplein is the liveliest nightlife while Kalverstraat and PC Hooftstraat streets are said to offer the city's best shopping.

There is also the popular Albert Cuypmarkt market. The beautiful Vondelpark is a large, well attended public park and many people choose to picnic here. It has an open air theatre, playground, rose garden and several bar/restaurants.

Amsterdam has a rich cultural life and here you can enjoy a visit to the theater, music and other performances. In the city you can also find many fine galleries and designer shops.

Trade shows and events

Each year in Amsterdam many festivals and major events, such as the Tulip Festival and Amsterdam Marathon are organized. During the high season and during special events the best hotels can be booked up quickly, therefore it is always a good idea to book hotels in advance.

Please make an inquiry about the availability before you book the trip - especially if you have special requests regarding your accommodations or are coming during a popular event.

Travel to and in the city

Amsterdam is a popular weekend destination and most visitors arrive by train or plane. Schiphol International is the Netherlands' largest airport and the fourth largest in Europe. From the airport, there are direct train connections to Antwerp, Brussels, Paris and Berlin. From Schiphol you can easily commute to central Amsterdam via shuttle bus, taxi or train.

Once in the city, there is a well developed public transport system. There are three metro lines, trams and many bus routes. In the city there are also several different boat lines serving the city's canals. But the most common and effective means of transport for shorter distances is definitely the bicycle. Amsterdam is often described as the world's most bicycle friendly city and this is not without reason with it’s flat terrain and many miles of bike only paths.

Driving a car in the central city is not recommended. It is crowded with many one way streets, and many streets are totally blocked off from vehicular traffic. Parking is also very expensive.

A better option is the taxi, which offers affordable and convenient transportation. Taxis are well regulated and are generally found at specified taxi stands because of the limited space in the center. There are also clear provisions concerning tariffs.

Weather and climate

The weather in Amsterdam is relatively stable, without extreme temperatures. The hottest months are June to August when most tourists choose to visit the city. The temperature during this period is usually between 21-26 degrees, which many feel is very comfortable. If you are visiting the city for its famous tulip cultivation the best time to come is in mid-April to mid-May.

Price structure

Amsterdam is a relatively expensive city to live in. There are many shops with designer products at very high prices, but it is also possible to find less expensive shopping options. The cuisine also varies and there is everything from cheap street food to very upscale gourmet restaurants. Many people travel here just to stroll around and discover the beautiful town - which is always completely free.

City pass

The Amsterdam City Card is a great way to save money. Purchase of this card entitles the holder, among other things, to free travel on public transport and free admission to many of the city's museums. Also included are discounts on attractions, concerts, theaters and restaurants.

Select the category of hotels in Amsterdam that best suits your needs: