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New York has a wide variety of hotels of different categories and price ranges. Since everyone has different priorities we have divided the hotel market into different categories; Family, Business, Couples, Budget and Luxury. We then did some thorough research to find out what different types of travelers value when it comes to their hotel accommodations. Our editorial team has come up with a selection of the best places for each category.

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Location and offerings

In New York, there are plenty of hotels in all categories. For most travelers who want to make the most of their visit to this vibrant international city, the more centrally located the accommodations are the better. All the hotels that we have selected are located in Manhattan.

Most business travelers choose to stay at high-class hotels in central Manhattan, but there are also popular hotels in quieter areas such as the West Village and near the financial district.

Among families with children we also see two tendencies. Some want to stay as centrally as possible with close proximity to the museums and Central Park Zoo. Others prefer lower Manhattan where one can find authentic neighborhoods and more reasonably priced hotels.

Among the couples it is about the same. Many appreciate a higher end hotel located near entertainment and restaurants, while others seek out more intimate and genuine areas like Little Italy and Tribeca.

In such a large and crowded city like New York, there is a great demand for cheap budget accommodations. We have sought out the most popular of these hotels located in the more central parts of the city. However, one should note that many of these hotels have shared bathrooms.

The most popular luxury hotels are concentrated in central Manhattan, in the fashionable neighborhood around Central Park and Fifth Avenue. These hotels offer many amenities and very good service and many of them boast beautiful views of the city.

In New York and other US cities, often breakfast is not included in the price of the hotel, you should check on this when booking.

Attractions and sights

New York is known as the city that never sleeps and there is always something new to discover. The city offers such classic landmarks such as the Empire State Building, Times Square and the Statue of Liberty, but many come here just to enjoy the metropolitan atmosphere. In midtown Manhattan you can find Central Park, with its famous zoo. Also nearby are many famous museums such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim and the American Museum of Natural History. In the meatpacking district you can enjoy High Line park, a green space and sometimes art walk recently created from the once abandoned overhead railway.

Restaurants, shopping and nightlife

In New York there are many famous restaurants with international chefs and innovative menus of very high class. But there are also many other exciting and less costly alternatives. One example is Little Italy, where you are able to find some of the best pizzerias in the city.

The city has a rich cultural life and the Broadway theater district offers high class music, theater and performances. Be sure to purchase tickets in advance, as they often sell out quickly for popular events. Tickets bought on site are also often very expensive compared to those bought in advance.

There are also many art galleries and smaller venues with live music. You will find many areas with stimulating nightlife and trendy wine bars. Among the more popular areas are the Meatpacking District, Soho and the West Village.

Trade shows and events

New York is a cosmopolitan city and has a constantly changing array of activities and events going on. During large concerts, sporting events and international fairs, the hotels in the central city can quickly become all booked up. Although there is a good supply of hotels in the city, it may be a good idea to book hotels in advance, especially if you have a desire to stay in any particular hotel.

Travel to and in the city

In New York there are three major airports; JFK, LaGuardia and Newark International Airport. Many arrive by plane and then travel further by taxi, subway, bus or train to get to the hotel. Compared to other US cities New York has reliable, relatively safe public transit. It is best to plan your trip from the airport to the hotel before you travel, so that you don't have to worry about this on arrival. Some larger hotels offer airport shuttle services it is good to check under services when booking for this benefit. Some however may charge extra for this service. You should be aware that there are rogue taxis around airports, so it's safest to choose one of the famous Yellow cars or to book a taxi at the airport counter for transportation service.

In midtown Manhattan the Grand Central Terminal (Grand Central Station) is another major entry point into the city and from here there are very good public transport connections. In New York, it's easy to travel by train, metro and bus. Around the island there are also various boat trips and ferries, which provide you with different views of the city.

If you come to the city by car you should before departure ascertain that there is parking close to the hotel. Parking garages are expensive and some hotels charge guests as much as $25 a day for using their parking lot. Sometimes there may be traffic jams which can be a big problem. It may therefore be a good idea to leave the car at home and rely on public transport or use taxi with a driver who is used to driving in the city.

In 2009, new rules for entry into the United States were put in place. Be sure to apply early for electronic travel authorization if you lack a valid visa. Special rules apply concerning hand baggage contents and flight safety. Be sure to have the hotel's address and ZIP code ready upon arrival. This information must be reported at the airport customs and border control. If this information is lacking you may be refused entry. Also do not bring fresh foods into the country in your bags. Even the banana from your breakfast on the plane is not allowed. You will be asked to dispose of it at customs control.

Weather and climate

In New York, the climate varies considerably and oscillates between very hot summers and sometimes very cold winters with snow and ice. Because the climate is relatively humid winters are often perceived as colder than they actually are. Most hotels are well equipped to cope with these temperature changes but in summer it can be of great value to book a hotel with good air conditioning.

Price structure

New York is a relatively expensive city to stay in, but there are also affordable options. Parking difficult to find anywhere in the center, daily parking rates are anywhere from $25-50 per day. Hotels often collect a fee for parking in their own lots. Many hotels also charge for breakfast and in many cases it may be worthwhile to instead visit a nearby cafe. Downtown Manhattan Fifth Avenue has many upscale shops, but nearby there are also large chain stores with more reasonable prices.

City pass

A New York-card or ”New York Pass” can be a good investment if you want to see much of the city. The card gives you free admission to 80 different attractions and museums and precedence in the queue to many attractions. It also includes sightseeing and discounts in many stores and restaurants.

Select the category of hotels in New York that best suits your needs: