Travel is fun and selecting a hotel should be easy for you. At least according to the way we see it and if you agree, this is the website for you. At Popular Hotels you can quickly and easily get an overview of the most popular hotels in many major cities. To simplify things for you, we have divided the hotels into different categories; Family, Business, Couples, Budget and Luxury. in other languages: German, Swedish

Example of cities

Hotels in Amsterdam
Holland 54 hotels
Hotels in Bangkok
Thailand 53 hotels
Hotels in Barcelona
Spain 50 hotels
Hotels in Berlin
Germany 55 hotels
Hotels in Budapest
Hungary 55 hotels
Hotels in Copenhagen
Denmark 51 hotels
Hotels in Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Hotels in Gothenburg
Sweden 50 hotels
Hotels in Istanbul
Turkey 55 hotels
Hotels in Las Vegas
Las Vegas
USA 55 hotels
Hotels in London
England 53 hotels
Hotels in Milan
Italy 55 hotels
Hotels in New York
New York
USA 59 hotels
Hotels in Nice
France 54 hotels
Hotels in Oslo
Norway 53 hotels
Hotels in Paris
France 56 hotels
Hotels in Prague
Czech Republic 53 hotels
Hotels in Rome
Italy 55 hotels
Hotels in Stockholm
Sweden 56 hotels
Hotels in Venice
Italy 55 hotels are currently working towards presenting our next city:

The founders of this website are two experienced business travelers who have had extensive experience making hotel reservations in different cities. What struck us was how difficult it can be to find the relevant information about the hotels. Not that there is too little information - but rather too much. If you search online for a hotel, sometimes it can become overwhelming. Large amounts of information itself is not worth much if you do not have time to analyze it quickly. Our goal here is to save you time.

Because we work in the Internet industry and are accustomed to using the computer as an analytical tool it was natural to start thinking about a way to crack this nut. We started with finding out what travelers in each category value most in their hotel accommodations as this can differ. But there are also distinct similarities and sometimes the categories can overlap. We outline the general criteria for each category down below.

How does our site work in practice? Well, to help us, we have an editorial staff and several skilled programmers. By collecting and analyzing large amounts of information we give our editor's first pass list of the hotels that seem to be among the most attractive and popular. Then they review the previous guests experiences and to make sure they agree with our choices. Finally we select the best of the best accommodations for the final list and it is these that we present on this website for each city.

As a final step in the review process our users provide us with further reviews to influence the selection, keeping our information up-to-date. This is particularly important because things can change over time. A hotel may undergo renovation or a change of ownership. Quality standards and service can change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. In either case we want to know.

By combining our own experience along with a good working method to boil down what the opinions of many guests are, we have after much effort managed to come up with a varied and easily searchable menu of the best accommodations that each city has to offer. This is the objective of our website. There are many really good suggestions on everything from budget accommodation to luxury hotels. Regardless of price, we have the same high standards in terms of quality, cleanliness and service. We do everything to be able to guarantee that you will be satisfied with your hotel choices.


Families with young children often prefer hotels with a calm, quiet location, preferably within proximity of a park or green space. Some families prefer hotels with higher standards while others give priority to affordability and a flexible number of beds. This is especially important if you have a large family.


As a business traveler you are often demanding in terms of both standards and service. But the requirements can be different depending on your needs. Some guests require hotels with a modern business center and good conference facilities, while others prefer smaller more home like hotels with economical pricing to help the bottom line. Good communication between the hotel and guests is the highest priority in either case.

Business travel statistics


Maybe it doesn't matter what the hotel is like as long as you are together. But nice accommodations will enhance the entire experience for you. Many couples traveling for a romantic weekend therefore choose a more upscale hotel with a cozy atmosphere, beautiful rooms and suites. A romantic location can be different things for different couples, some might choose to stay in a historic area with many nice places to go out to, and others may prefer a quiet natural setting near a park or waterfront.


Sometimes a budget hotel is a good option. In large cities, there invariably is a wide range of affordable budget accommodations of varying quality. In other words, it can be extra tricky to find the right place on your own. Hotels in this category have basic rooms and in some cases have shared bathrooms. If you decide on a budget accommodation, there are certain basic requirements that must be met, at least according to the way we see it. The rooms must be clean and fresh, and the hotel should provide you with a safe secure stay.


The most delightful category is of course the luxury hotels. Some are very upscale and expensive but it is possible find some high class hotels at affordable prices. Some characteristics of a luxury hotel are prime location, high standards and extraordinary service. Many of these hotels have such amenities as award-winning restaurants, concierge, pools and spa.

Some notes

When you book your hotel, there are some things to consider. To be happy with your choice it is important to give some thought to what you want out of your stay and then choose the location and price category from there. At certain times of the year, particularly the summer travel season, during sporting events, major festivals or international conferences accommodations may fill up fast, so it is a good idea to book well in advance of your trip.

Sometimes there can be a local tax or fee, which is not included when booking, so when you book check to see if the taxes are included in the price. In the summer time, it may be wise to book hotels with air-conditioning, especially if it is a city in a warmer climate.