Gothenburg has a wide variety of hotels of different categories and price ranges. Since everyone has different priorities we have divided the hotel market into different categories; Family, Business, Couples, Budget and Luxury. We then did some thorough research to find out what different types of travelers value when it comes to their hotel accommodations. Our editorial team has come up with a selection of the best places for each category.

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Location and offerings

In Gothenburg there are plenty of hotels in all categories. The main boulevard is called Kungsportsavenyn, commonly known as Avenyn, "The Avenue".

Most business travelers choose to stay right in the center or near the Scandinavium arena and Svenska Mässan - the Swedish Exhibition Centre. But some prefer hotels in quieter areas slightly outside of the city center. For families with children it is about the same.

Many people prefer the center, but some choose to stay closer to the Liseberg amusement park or any of the great arenas. Couples who visit the city for a romantic weekend are also looking to the center or picturesque areas just outside, generally preferring the smaller hotels with nice rooms.

There are many different variations of budget hotels in Gothenburg, there are many good opportunities to find a nice room at a reasonable price. Many of the hotels are centrally located, with simple quality and possibly shared bathrooms.

There are also the finer luxury hotels and with few exceptions, these are concentrated inside the moat, with an attractive location and proximity to entertainment and shopping. Characteristics of these hotels are high standards and very good service.

To find the hotel that suits you the best, may want to think through what you want out of your stay, and then select the price range and area on that basis.

Attractions and sights

The beautiful port city of Gothenburg is Sweden's second largest city and has much to offer. In addition to the famous Liseberg amusement park, there are many exciting museums and of course the popular science experience center Universeum. The city has many historic buildings and neighborhoods to visit, such as Haga and the area around Kronhusbodarna.

In Gothenburg, there are also many green areas. In the center you can find the Trädgårdsföreningen botanical gardens with its famous palm house with plant species from around the world. You can try out the Paddan boats running guided tours of the canal for a different view of the city. There are also boats that offer longer trips out to the islands in the archipelago.

Restaurants, shopping and nightlife

In Gothenburg you will find a wide range of restaurants, cafes, bars and entertainment venues. The city is known for its fine selection of fish and seafood. There are many high class restaurants and of course there is also a wide selection of more affordable eateries for every taste.

Gothenburg has a rich cultural life and many ongoing activities. The Gothenburg Opera is world famous for its sets and at Scandinavium and Ullevi there are often concerts and sporting events. There is a lively nightlife and you can find many venues with live music. The town is in general a working class town and has a long sporting tradition with a special focus on soccer and ice hockey. Here you can attend home games of Gais, Örgryte IS and IFK Göteborg, or the famous hockey team Frölunda Indians.

Trade shows and events

Major concerts and sporting events such as the Gothia Cup, Gothenburg Horse Show and Göteborgsvarvet usually attract many visitors, but what primarily attracts visitors are the city's trade fairs, held in both the spring and fall. Then the pressure is high at the extra large hotels, with many hotels fully booked already far in advance. In Gothenburg, it is thus particularly important to book hotels in advance, especially if there is a desire to stay in any particular hotel. Please make an inquiry about availability, before you actually book your trip.

Travel to and in the city

Most people arrive in Gothenburg by car, train or plane. The international airport, Landvetter, which is a busy international airport with many arrivals and departures is a bit outside of the town. You can get to and from the airport by bus or taxi. The most convenient way to travel to Gothenburg is probably by train, when you step out of the train you are right in the city center. Once you are in the city center most attractions can be reached easily by bus or tram. There are also boat tours, with which you can quickly get over to the other side of the river, or venture further out into the archipelago.

Car traffic in Gothenburg is at times dense and queues are a big problem. It is usually not that difficult to find parking, but prices for parking are often high. It may therefore be convenient to leave the car at home and rely on public transportation.

It is usually easy to get a taxi, but you should be vigilant. There are both reputable and disreputable drivers. Always ask for a quote before starting the journey. The taxis identification should always be visible in the car.

Weather and climate

In spite of it's latitude with its coastal location, Gothenburg has a relatively moderate climate with small variations in the weather. Summertime is often sunny, hot with long days. The winters are cold and dark with just seven hours of daylight in December. Snow can fall, but it rarely settles inside the city. The moist sea air often makes the weather feel considerably cooler than it really is so if you are used to a warmer climate be sure to bring appropriate clothing.

Price structure

Gothenburg is in general a medium-cost city to live in. There are many upscale shops and restaurants, but also many affordable options.

City pass

The Gothenburg City Card is a great way to save money. This card can not be purchased separately but it is included when buying the Göteborg Package. The card entitles the holder to sightseeing and free travel on public transport, free admission to many museums and attractions. It also includes free parking in the municipal seats and free access to bicycle rentals.

Select the category of hotels in Gothenburg that best suits your needs: