Stockholm has a wide variety of hotels of different categories and price ranges. Since everyone has different priorities we have divided the hotel market into different categories; Family, Business, Couples, Budget and Luxury. We then did some thorough research to find out what different types of travelers value when it comes to their hotel accommodations. Our editorial team has come up with a selection of the best places for each category.

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Location and offerings

In Stockholm there are plenty of excellent hotels in all categories. Among business the business travelers we have observed two main tendencies; some prefer to stay right in the center at the financial district and close to Stockholm International Fairs, while others find it more relaxing to stay a little outside the city center, which is in Södermalm.

Families with children have different needs. Many families prefer the city center or Djurgarden, since most of the popular attractions are there. Couples seem to prefer downtown areas for a great night out or cozy, picturesque areas with attractive room suites.

For the traveler who is on a budget and just looking to get a good nights sleep these are the first choice. Many downtown budget accommodations are located in the basement of buildings so you may not have a window or the room may be rather small, but you will have extra money in your pocket for seeing the city.

The finest luxury hotels with attractive locations are found almost exclusively in the city center. They proximity to the best shopping and entertainment options. The most exquisite locations are those overlooking the water.

When looking for a hotel it is best to first decide what you want to do during your stay, and then select the field from there to narrow the search to the hotels that will best meet your needs.

Attractions and sights

When visiting Stockholm, there is much to discover. In addition to attractions such as the Old Town and the Royal Castle are many well-known museums like the Vasa Museum, the Royal Armoury and ABBA the Museum.
Families are usually attracted to these attractions: Junibacken, Gröna Lund and Skansen, which are out on the scenic island of Djurgården.

Restaurants, shopping and nightlife

Stockholm offers a fantastic range of restaurants, cafes, bars and entertainment. As befits a capital city, there are many award-winning restaurants that are high class, both in terms of food and service. And of course there are also plenty of less expensive alternatives you can enjoy.

Cultural life in Stockholm is very rich. You can enjoy theater, music and other kinds of performances. The best nightlife is at Stureplan, which is considered one of the city's best neighborhoods. For art lovers there are many museums and galleries to visit. There are many excellent cinemas as well.

Trade shows and events

Stockholm is a vibrant city with its ongoing events and activities. Exciting concerts, sports events and international fairs are things that attract visitors from all over the world and sometimes the demand is so great that it can be difficult to find vacant hotel rooms. The Stockholm Marathon and the Pride Festival are two examples of such times. It is always a good idea to make an inquiry about hotel availability well before you book the trip, especially if you have a desire to stay in any particular hotel.

Travel to and in the city

In most cases, guests arrive in Stockholm by train, car or plane. There are two major airports in Stockholm and from the main airport Arlanda Airport (IATA: ARN) the Arlanda Express train is the most efficient mode of transport. Traveling by train is perhaps the most convenient, because then you can step out of the train and be right in the city center. Once you are in Stockholm city, you will find that there are very good connections and it is easy to travel by subway, commuter rail and bus. For the more adventurous, there are also several boat lines, with which you can take to and from the city and and the archipelago.

Parking in the center of Stockholm can be difficult to find and is expensive. At times the traffic and queues are a big problem. It is always good idea to leave the car at home and instead utilize the safe and extensive public transport network available to you in Stockholm. It is usually pretty easy to find a taxi in Stockholm, but as in other cities around the world you should be vigilant. Ask for a price quote before starting the journey, to avoid unpleasant surprises. Valid taxi identification should always be visible in the car.

Weather and climate

With its northern location, Stockholm has large variations in climate. Summer can be sunny and surprisingly hot, while the winter months are cold and snowy. The hotels are generally well equipped to provide their guests with a cozy level of warmth during the winter. July is usually the hottest month and then air conditioning in the hotel can be of great value.

Price structure

Stockholm is a relatively expensive city to visit and live in. As in all large cities, it may be wise to avoid the most obvious tourist areas when looking for a good values in dining, shopping and accommodation, rather look towards more genuine neighborhoods where the local residents live and work.

City pass

For those who visit Stockholm the Stockholm card is a great way to save money. Then includes free admission to eighty different attractions and museums, free sightseeing and free travel on public transport.

Select the category of hotels in Stockholm that best suits your needs: