Family friendly hotels

This is our selection of hotels that we recommend for families, with different price ranges to suit different needs. All have received good reviews from families with children. A few of the many things that were appreciated by these guests were for, proximity to green spaces, attractions suitable for children, no additional costs for children under a certain age, cribs or extra beds, family sized rooms, and playroom. Some hotels even have a "lekvärdar" which is swedish for "play host" which is a professional who entertains the children. If you are visiting Sweden for the first time as a family group you will be pleasantly surprised by the attention and service given to families with children in this country.

With attractions like the Gröna Lund, Skansen, Junibacken and museums, Stockholm is a popular destination for families with children of all ages. When booking hotels many may want to select the area on the basis of where they will spend their days, to be able to use the bulk their vacation time at the attractions they want to experience with their children rather than traveling to the attractions.

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