Milan has a wide variety of hotels of different categories and price ranges. Since everyone has different priorities we have divided the hotel market into different categories; Family, Business, Couples, Budget and Luxury. We then did some thorough research to find out what different types of travelers value when it comes to their hotel accommodations. Our editorial team has come up with a selection of the best places for each category.

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Location and offerings

In Milan you can find plenty of hotels in all categories. The city is a major hub for the region's business and finance sectors and there is a huge variety of business hotels.

The most popular areas for these are in the center, near some of the city's major exhibition centers and the famous fashion district.

Families who want to stay comfortably often choose a hotel close to the central station or near some of the city's attractions, while others prefer instead to stay adjacent to the San Siro Stadium to attend a sporting event. Families usually appreciate hotels with a friendly staff and flexible sleeping arrangements.

Couples seek out hotels mostly in the city center, close to the attractions, entertainment and restaurants. Some couples prefer calmer and more picturesque areas just outside the center of town.

In a busy city like Milan there is a wide range of budget hotels and from among these you have to choose carefully. The most popular budget hotels have central locations and even though they have more basic standards, they are often very pleasant.

What stands out the most in the city are of course the most exclusive hotels. Many of which are located in historic buildings with beautiful interiors. They have excellent locations in the city center, close to entertainment venues, famous landmarks and the city's famous shopping districts.

When looking for a hotel it is always wise to first decide what you want out of your stay and then choose your hotel based on your plans and preferences.

Attractions and sights

Milan is a city with a long history and there is a host of famous sights, such as the Duomo Cathedral, the Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio and the beautiful palace Palazzo Reale and Castello Sforzesco.

There are also many interesting museums like the Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Museo di Storia Naturale and Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia (Leonardo da Vinci). You can admire Leonardo da Vinci's famous painting "The Last Supper" in the abbey church of Santa Maria delle Grazie.

Many people travel to Milan to visit the annual fashion show, shop for clothes or to see a football match at Inter and AC Milan's home stadium Giuseppe Meazza (San Siro Stadium).

Restaurants, shopping and nightlife

Many visitors come to Milan to shop for the latest in fashion and design. In Milan you will find the grand gallery, Vittorio Emanuele II with it’s large variety of fine shops, and you can visit many other markets and outlet centers. The most famous fashion streets are Via Monte Napoleone, Via Sant'Andrea, Via Spiga and the Via Borgospesso. These streets combined are usually referred to as Quadrilatero or "golden square".

The city has a fantastic range of restaurants, cafes and bars. There are many award winning, high class restaurants to choose from, but you can also find plenty of options that are easier on your pocketbook.

Milan has a rich cultural life with many theater and opera performances for you to enjoy. The famous opera house Teatro alla Scala (La Scala) attracts many visitors, as well as the Teatro degli Arcimboldi. There are also many galleries and art exhibitions to visit.

Trade shows and events

Milan is an important commercial center and many international companies have their offices here. Many fairs and exhibitions are organized in Milan. The event that draws the most visitors is undoubtedly the annual fashion fair.

There are times when the city is filled with visitors and it can be to difficult to find an available hotel room. Also during popular football matches the hotels can fill up quickly. It is best to book your hotel in advance to ensure you get a good room - especially if you have special requests regarding your accommodations.

In Milan you may see signs that say “Chiusa Domenica” which means closed on Sundays. You should keep in mind that many cafes, restaurants and other businesses are closed on Sundays.

Travel to and in the city

In Milan there are three major airports; Milan-Malpensa, Milan-Linate and Bergamo-Orio al Serio. Most visitors arrive through Malpensa, which is located a few miles outside of the city. From the airport you can travel comfortably into the city by train, bus or taxi. If you come by bus or train and then you will go directly to the city center.

Once in Milan, there are good public transit connections and it is easy to travel by metro, tram and bus. There are also plenty of companies that offer car rentals or even a limousine with chauffeur. It's usually not a problem to get a taxi, but avoid hailing cars directly from the street. Instead, go to a taxi stand, or call a taxi company and book your trip.

Weather and climate

Milan has a temperate climate with warm summers and cold, rainy winters. The warmest period is in July and August and then it can get really hot. Additionally usually there will be a lot of tourists in the city at this time, so if you prefer to visit the sights in peace and quiet, it may be wise to avoid these months. The coolest months are December and January, and these months can be quite cold and occasionally it even snows.

Price structure

Milan is a relatively expensive city to stay in. During large events, and near the most visited attractions the prices are often particularly high. For shopping you will find there are are many expensive designer shops, but at the same time you can find markets and outlet centers where you can buy brand name goods at reduced prices.

City pass

For tourists visiting the city the Milan Pass be a good way to save money. Then includes free admission to over 40 museums, attractions and sights. In addition, the pass provides free sightseeing and travel on public transportation.

Select the category of hotels in Milan that best suits your needs: